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Due Diligence Insights | Prussel & Co

Due Diligence

  • What is an Operating Model?

    Every business has an operating model. Its how your business is set up to structured to meet your customers needs. It’s your people, your processes, your technology, your tools and it’s something that we review for our clients regularly. Be it as part of a detailed due diligence review using our due diligence...

  • Our Approach to Due Diligence

    Due diligence is an essential part of any acquisition or investment. It helps ensure that the investor knows the risks involved, that they are investing in what they think they are investing in and that the opportunity that believe they are buying or are investing in is valid. At Prussel & Co we’re...

  • Market Analysis: How to Evaluate the Potential Market for Your Business

    Perhaps the most important part of your business plan and pitch from an investor’s point of view is your market analysis. They might love your product and be ready to bank on you as an entrepreneur, but the make-or-break question will always be whether the market opportunity exists to make money on their...

  • Investment KPI’s: How to Measure Business Performance

    Understanding the performance of a business isn’t easy. There are hundreds of different metrics that can be considered, to measure business performance, each with its own strengths and weaknesses and each able to tell the reader about a specific component of the business. When we’re asked to review the performance and the future...

  • 8 Ways to Prepare for Raising Startup Investment

    Investment. It’s a scary word for many entrepreneurs. It could hold the key to business success, but navigating the mysterious world of pitches, funding rounds, VCs, angels, due diligence and equity finance can be daunting. We work regularly with investors, so we know that often the difference between success and failure can be...