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Due Diligence. Growth. Transformation.

We help investors, business owners and executives made better decisions. From the smallest startup to leading FTSE 100, S&P 500 and SSEC companies, we work across the board. We focus on three areas; due diligence, growth and transformation. We’re a diverse team of consultants, industry executives, investors and founders who bring our breadth of experience together to help clients solve complex problems. As the pace of change and competition continues to increase its essential to have expert advice for any transaction or strategic decision your organisation isn involved in – that’s where we help.

With deep industry knowledge across a range of industries, from financial services to hospitality and a suite of specialist products and services, we advise and execute across due diligence, growth and transformation. We’ve completed a diverse range assignments across the globe and have a market leading set of tools and methodologies that help us deliver, fast. Get in touch with Prussel & Co and let’s discuss your goals and visions. From mega-projects to fast turnarounds, we’re here to help you.


Due Diligence

We help investors make better deal decisions by performing detailed due diligence, assessing performance improvement opportunities and providing  post-acquisition recommendations and KPI’s. Our teams have a wealth of experience as consultants, investors and business founders to provide a unique blend of skills to our clients.

Commercial Due Diligence

Using our proprietary methodology we provide structured and data driven commercial due diligence. Customer, product, market, product-market fit, KPI’s, team, financial forecasts and traction are amongst the areas throughly analysed.

Financial Modelling

Review and interrogation of financial projections including underlying assumptions, traction metrics and KPI’s.

Business Planning and Analysis

We review existing and develop now business plans to cover high level strategy, market, operations, financials, marketing and other key considerations to describe a clients business.

Product Market Fit Analysis

Review of product, market and customer fit to determine likelihood of success in any given venture. Typically used for seed and early stage investment.



Feasibility Studies

Development of bespoke feasibility studies for a variety of scenario’s utilising our proprietary methodology focussed on answering specific exam questions.

New Market Entry

Review of target market, competition, product-market fit and market entry strategic options.

New Product Design and Analysis

Review of customer drivers, product design, development costs, support costs and development to launch roadmap.

New Customer Acquisition

Review of existing business, market, channels, product, customer base and customer acquisition channels to determine recommendation to enhance customer acquisition.

Growth is at the centre of any business. Launching new products. Attracting new customers. Entering new markets. At Prussel & Co we help companies grow through defining clear, measurable and achievable objectives and developing actionable plans to reach them. We do this through our expertise in providing feasibility studies and our capabilities in analysing new markets, developing new products and acquiring new customers.



Our teams help clients transform their businesses to respond to tomorrows disruptions today. As markets evolve and customers expectations increase we help clients stay ahead of the curve be that through reducing costs, increasing operating efficiency, transforming their operating models and developing their customer channels and digital agenda.

Cost Reduction

Review of existing operating model and cost base including functional organisation & FTE, review of suppliers, low cost country sourcing options, function/cost/value analysis and other option to reduce costs.

Channel Development

Analysis of how a customer interact with your organisation through each channel available (mobile, web, telephone, in store etc)  to identify opportunities for greater efficiency and customer experience.

Operating Model Design and Implementation

Current and Target Operating Model analysis and roadmapping utilising our operating model methodology. We review customer, product, channels, people (organisation), processes, technology, data, locations, suppliers and governance to understand and refine operating models across organisation of all shapes and sizes.

Digital Transformation

Current state analysis of digital offering eg. website, app etc and how this fits with the operating model. Development of target state solution to meeting business strategy, roadmap for delivery and proposed transition states (if applicable).

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Completely focussed on our clients

Global Footprint

Our teams work with clients all over the world.  We work virtually utilising the latest collaboration tools to ensure we can bring the right team to your project every time, agnostic of location. We have bases in London and Brisbane and can travel to visit clients if required (sometime theres nothing better than a good old face to face meeting).

Adding real value is what matters to us. We deliver beyond expectations every time.

Huge Experience. Tailored Solutions. 

Our advice is 100% tailored and 100% independent. Our teams have a wide range of experience which we’ve distilled down into some of the best methodologies in the industry. We bring these tool and experience to every project to deliver a tailored solution, fast.

We listen to our clients, look at the problem holistically, never forcing into a model, We’re flexible to meet your exact needs ever time.

Real people.

We know that when you buy consultancy, you’re buying people and expertise. Our teams have an unparalleled range of experience as consultants, industry executives, investors and business founders. This allows us to bring a unique mix of skills and solutions to every engagement.

Working with us is always a partnership,  your success if our success.

Virtual Services.

We believe in results. Our teams are located across the globe and work collaboratively using the best tools available to make sure you get results fast for your projects. We don’t insist on everyone sitting in the same office all the time, we insist on excellent in delivery.

Our model focussed on agreeing exactly what you need and delivering for you fast. We’re not a traditional time and materials consultancy, we’re 100% focussed in results.

Focussed Expertise

We’re don’t try and be all things to all people. We focus on three things, commercial due diligence, growth and transformation. We work with a range of other organisation to help us deliver, from expert lawyers and accountants for due diligence engagements to the very best in digital design for channel transformation projects.

We’re experts in what we do and our focus means you always get a great result.

Fixed Scope. Fixed Prices.

We know that nobody likes surprises (in business anyway). That why we agree a scope up front and a fixed price for delivery. We don’t work off time and materials.

Once a scope is agreed and the paperwork signed we have regular checkpoints and always deliver.

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