About Prussel & Co

Due Diligence. Growth. Transformation.

Our Mission

At Prussel & Co work with clients to help tackle complex problems in a constantly changing world. We are experts in due diligence, business growth and transformation. We don’t fit into a mould. We understand that every business is different and none and static. We bring innovative solution to difficult problems.

Our team has a unique blend of skills and experiences honed through many years working at top tier management consultancies, in senior leadership positions in market leading organisations and founding, growing and exiting their own ventures. We bring together the right people for the job, ensuring the correct mix of skills, experience and outlook for your project. This mix of skills is core to our success.  

For Due Diligence – we review businesses against out own proprietary methodology. We don’t just look at the financial but the business as a whole with a perspective of both the investor and the founder to understand the true opportunity.  

For Growth and Transformation – we bring experience from leading corporates, mid-sized organisations and start ups to give the right solution to the problem, not just a standard “out of the box” fix. We know you’re business is unique and ensure our solutions are just as innovative to match.

How We Work

At Prussel & Co we work differently to most consultancies. We’re a virtual team, working with clients across the globe.

Virtual Team: working virtually allows us to bring together the best people for your project, with the diverse range of skills and experience required to solve your problems. We don’t have an expensive office full of consultants with identical skills, we have experience professionals that know the ins and outs of each market to help you.

Fast Turnaround: For projects that require a quick turnaround, nobody is quicker. Our offices in London and Brisbane allow our teams to work around the clock to ensure your needs are met. Fast.

Fixed Prices: with the majority of our clients we work on fixed price contracts. We agree the scope up front and what success looks like and then work with you to achieve this against a plan we’ll agree. All the paperwork is handled online and we’re at the end of the phone whenever you need us. If site visits are required, we are happy to visit.